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The Inauguration of the New Capas Municipal Health Office and the Blessing of the New Mobile Clinic and Ambulances

The Inauguration of the new Capas Municipal Health Office and the blessing of the new mobile clinic and ambulances marked a significant milestone in the continuous effort to provide quality healthcare services to the community of Capas. The event, held on a bright and hopeful day on December 4, 2023, brought together government officials, healthcare professionals, and members of the community to celebrate the expansion and improvement of healthcare facilities in the municipality.
The ceremony commenced with the official inauguration of the new Capas Municipal Health Office, a state-of-the-art facility equipped with modern medical equipment, comfortable patient amenities, and dedicated spaces for various healthcare services. The event began with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, symbolizing the official opening of the facility to the public.
Following the inauguration of the health office, a solemn blessing ceremony was conducted for the new mobile clinic and ambulances. The mobile clinic, a fully equipped medical unit on wheels, is set to bring healthcare services directly to remote and underserved areas within the municipality. The blessing of the ambulances, equipped with advanced life support systems, signified the commitment to providing timely emergency medical assistance to those in need.
The Inauguration of the new Capas Municipal Health Office and the blessing of the new mobile clinic and ambulances concluded with a sense of optimism and pride in the enhanced healthcare services available to the people of Capas. The event underscored the commitment of the local government lead by Mayor Roseller “Boots” Rodriguez and healthcare providers to prioritize the well-being of the community and ensure access to quality healthcare for all residents.
The new facilities and resources are poised to make a positive impact on public health, reaching individuals and families in both urban and remote areas. As the community looks toward a healthier and more resilient future, the inauguration and blessing ceremony served as a testament to the collective vision of a vibrant and thriving healthcare landscape in the municipality of Capas.
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