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Sto. Domingo II

Sto. Domingo II emerged as a distinct entity from Sto. Domingo, positioned along a crucial provincial road artery that now stands as the most thriving sub-local government unit within Capas. Boasting an overabundance of business ventures, the barangay is a bustling hub of commercial activity, alongside its engagement in rice cultivation and sugarcane planting.

The evolution of Sto. Domingo into two separate barangays occurred over time, where Sto. Domingo I served as a Japanese Garrison, while Sto. Domingo II thrived independently.

Renowned for its advanced development, Sto. Domingo II hosts Capas’ municipal hall and compound, signifying its pivotal role within Capas. The area’s strategic positioning and exemplary maintenance of peace and order have attracted numerous establishments and eateries, including McDonald’s, Jollibee, Chowking, and VES Food House, further elevating its stature.

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