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Sta. Rita

Barangay Sta. Rita, formerly known as Barrio Sta. Rita, was initially called Talimunduc or tali-talimunduc due to its hilly terrain. In the early 1950s, the land ownership changed hands, from Don Gonzalo to Marcelo Rodriguez and finally to Mr. Guanzon, who eventually subdivided and distributed the land among tenants in 1967. That same year, residents agreed to contribute two cavans of palay for two years to build a Roman Catholic Chapel dedicated to Santa Rita de Cassia, after whom the barangay was officially renamed in 1968.

This barangay holds historical significance as the hometown of Bernabe Buscayno, also known as “Kumander Dante” or “Ka Dante,” the founder of the New People’s Army in the 1960s. It served as a base for revolutionary activities, including an underground university.

Today, Barangay Sta. Rita is a peaceful and developing community. It is home to a lesser-known crocodile farm, which exports quality crocodile eggs domestically and internationally. Additionally, the barangay is primarily agricultural, focusing on rice production, sugarcane cultivation, and organic vegetable farming. Residents are also involved in painting, poultry, livestock raising, and modern farming equipment inventions.

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