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Sta. Lucia

In 1900, two Zambal families departed Botolan, Zambales, amid conflicts with the Aetas, initially settling in O’Donnell. Later, these families, the Condes and Estradas, relocated to more fertile land suitable for cattle farming.

Legend has it that upon their arrival, a baby girl with impaired vision was born to the Conde family, whom they named Lucia. They subsequently christened their settlement Santa Lucia, a name that persists as the barangay’s identity.

Shortly thereafter, an influx of families from neighboring towns like Mabalacat (Pampanga), Concepcion (Tarlac), Arayat (Pampanga), and Manibaog (Pampanga) bolstered Sta. Lucia’s population.

Presently, Barangay Sta. Lucia is renowned for housing the AFP’s Gunnery Range, hosting events like the recent 26th ASEAN Armies Rifle Meet. This facility attracts amateur shooters and fosters the Philippines’ prowess in international competitions, with the country securing numerous gold and silver medals over three consecutive years.

Moreover, the barangay’s economy thrives on the craftsmanship of high-quality woven baskets, contributing to local and municipal trade. Additionally, bamboo stick production, primarily for barbecue skewers and chopsticks, serves as a consistent livelihood initiative.

Meanwhile, farming and livestock raising remain integral to the livelihoods of Sta. Lucia’s residents, reflecting the enduring significance of agriculture in Capas.

Official Website of Municipality of Capas, Province of Tarlac