Provision of Health Care in Sitio Manibukyut Barangay Bueno Capas, Tarlac

Provision of health care in Sitio Manibukyut Barangay Bueno Capas, Tarlac headed by our Municipal Heath Officer Dra Franchette Reyes with our Municipal Dentist Dra Angel Ann Ong, our Public Health Nurse Nik Grace, Rural Health Midwives Crisel Isidro, Emilyn Verano Laxamana Cathy Lenon-Joya Sonia Suzette Pili, NDPs Cherry Briones, Arlene Yumul Mutuc, Judy Arkeiskye and Jellie Ann Sumaoang, Medtech Mhikeel Lenon, Sanitation Inspectors Elaine Ong, Tjay Selmo Allen Jasper Angco Dizon, BHWs of O’Donnell and Bueno Myrna Facun Laxamana and assitance of BFP.

 Routine immunization 💉
 Measles Outbreak Immunization Response
Prenatal check up
Dental Check up
Arsenic testing
 Blood typing
 Malaria smear
Distribution of toothpaste and toothbrush
 Giving out of relief goods
 Operation Timbang
 Distribution of RUTF
Vitamin A

We would like to thank our Municipal Mayor, Hon. Reynaldo Lopez Catacutan for the unwavering support in providing medical care to all Capasenos. It was indeed a fulfilling day.

They may forget our names, but they will never forget how we made them feel.


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