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Join Us in Celebrating Capas Day 2023

Join Us in Celebrating Capas Day 2023! 🌟🎉
📅 When: December 1-10, 2023
🎈 Theme: Capas: Weaving Traditions, Inspiring Generations
Hello, Capasenos! Get ready to immerse yourself in 10 days of vibrant culture, rich traditions, and endless fun! We are thrilled to invite every one to the grand celebration of Capas Day 2023!
Here’s What’s Happening:
Kick-off with Thanksgiving Mass 🙏 (Dec 1): Start our festivities with gratitude and community spirit.
Cultural exhibits, music, food, and more!🎨🎶🍲: Dive into the heart of Capas with engaging activities for all ages!
Grand Finale with Miss Capas 2023 👑 (Dec 10): Witness the crowning of our new ambassador of beauty and culture.
Check out our detailed posters below. 👇🏻
📢 But wait, there’s more!
Capture your celebration moments, share them, and react to our posts. Let’s make our municipality’s spirit go viral! 🌐
Use our Official Hashtags:
#CapasDay2023 #TraditionMeetsTomorrow #CapasDayCelebration #CapasTarlac
Let’s come together to honor our past, celebrate the present, and inspire our future generations! 🌈✨

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