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Capas’ Belen Awaits Final Judgement in Belenismo sa Tarlac 2023

The Tarlac Heritage Foundation Inc. is set to conduct the final judging of the Capas Belen entry at 2:00 am today. This year’s Belenismo sa Tarlac 2023 showcases an exceptional creation from the Municipality of Capas, merging tradition with innovative artistry. The centerpiece, a captivating mushroom carousel, symbolizes both the magic of creativity and the profound community service under Mayor Roseller “Boots” B. Rodriguez’s leadership.
Echoing the administration’s “BOOTS Friday” initiative, this Belen represents the comprehensive services offered to Capaseños, from healthcare to senior support. The carousel is flanked by Traveller’s Palms, representing the unity of Capas’ Executive and Legislative branches. Additionally, the use of recycled materials in its construction aligns with the RA 9003, turning waste into an artistic marvel and highlighting Capas’ commitment to sustainability.
Each element of the Belen, from the recycled wooden stools and bamboo to the intricate tapestry of plastic lids and egg trays, tells the story of a community dedicated to ecological preservation and quality service delivery. As the carousel lights up with LED and laser lights, it becomes more than just a display; it’s a testament to the enduring spirit and unity of Capas.
As the moment of final judgment approaches, this extraordinary piece stands ready, not just to enchant, but to embody the values and dedication of the people of Capas.
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