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Barangay Manga

History of Barangay Manga

Historically, before barangay Manga acquired its name as it being called nowadays, it was originally called as “Pulo” or isle, on where many huge trees grow and majority of which are mango trees. It was said by means of folklores that the area got its name when a group of foreigners were conducting a census and came across an area with numerous mango trees, that apparently owned by Capitulo family – one of the early settlers in the area together with the Cauguiran’s and Cayabyab’s.

After which, the group tool their rest and conversed with the Capitulo’s, and the group then on distinctly called the place “Manga” Mango, this is being used to identify the place up-to-date, Barangay Manga. In 1947, amidst Huk rebellion residents of Barangay Manga decided to evacuate the area and only after five years that they were able to return to their homes. In spite of the history that Barangay Manga went through, officials striving to outshine the predicaments of modernization.

At present, barangay Manga is host to ample of local and export quality bag manufacturers that contributes well to the barangay’s income alongside with its agricultural industry like rice and sugarcane farming and also putting into practice organic farming that makes them one of three barangays of Capas that exercise organic farming, whilst traditional backyard livestock raising is still being performed.

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