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Barangay Lawy

History of Barangay Lawy

Founded in 1880, when the original town proper was still in its old site at “Balen  Aran” (Old town) by the Cutcut River, Barangay Lawy then, was like any other virgin places-covered with thick forest where wild animals inhabit.

The first inhabitants of Barangay Lawy were Aetas who left Barangay San Miguel amidst the arrival and onset of Spanish colonizers in the area during that time.

The said early Aetas notice innumerable rattan vines that grew luxuriantly in the area. From then on, they identified the place as  “Pulung Lawe “ an Aeta  word for rattan or hence, Forest of Rattans  which later on, evolved  to Lawy.

Later on, several Ilocano families migrated from north for Lawy’s abundance of forest products and presence of tillable lands which drew attraction. This soon led the evacuation of the Aetas uphill from the area and caused the non-existence of Aetas (as the first settlers) in the barangay.

And in 1947, evacuees from the adjacent barangay, Manga, grew because of the constant molestations of the Huks. Thus, upsurging the population of Barangay Lawy.

However, none of these have affected its progression. Today, Lawy’s agricultural abundance is still the barangay’s keynote to cope with the modernization of time.

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