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Barangay Dolores

History of Barangay Dolores

       In 1954, this humble agricultural barangay hailing just a few kilometers from the center of Capas actually got its name after the areas patron saint, Nuestra Señora Dolores.

Having been acclaimed as one of the municipality’s premiere barangay in the agricultural industry, its major population are engaged to farming or estimated at 70 %. Meanwhile, 20% are factory workers, and the other 10% are professional’s consisting chiefly by young professionals.

Aside from the traditional rice, corn, sugarcane, vegetable farming, and nursery gardens, residents are now engaged to modern livestock and poultry business.

Innovative commercial approaches have also began to shape in this barangay. It is now considered a premier agro-tourism destination in Central Luzon and in the Philippines as it houses the farmhouse by EDL , an all-organic farm resort catering complete farm tours, swimming, overnight accommodations, healthy options and fresh produce products.

Official Website of Municipality of Capas, Province of Tarlac