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Angat Capas Trail Ride 2023

Angat Capas Trail Ride 2023 🏍️
Jump Off Point: Gen. Wilson Amper Eco Park, Barangay O’Donnell
The Angat Capas Trail Ride 2023 has attracted over 280 registrants, marking a phenomenal turnout for this much-anticipated event.
Our daring bikers are gearing up to kickstart their adventure on rugged off-road motorcycles, navigating the challenging terrains going to Mt. Pinatubo. This adrenaline-pumping ride is not just a test of endurance and skill, but also a celebration of the spirit of adventure that thrives within Capas.
This event holds a special place in our hearts as it forms a significant part of the Capas Day 2023 celebrations, under the theme “Capas: Weaving Traditions, Inspiring Generations.” It’s a tribute to our rich heritage and a call to inspire the future generations with the stories and traditions that make Capas truly unique.
The Mt. Pinatubo Trail Ride Association of the Philippines’ (PITRAP’s) expertise and passion for trail riding have been instrumental in organizing an event of this scale and excitement.
Stay tuned for updates, breathtaking photos, and exhilarating stories from the trail. Let’s cheer on our brave riders as they set off on this incredible trail ride!
Capas Tourism Office
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