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A Graceful Farewell to Miss Capas 2022, Jan Nissa Mandani Sicat

As the night sky over Capas twinkled with stars on December 10, we bid an emotional farewell to our reigning queen, Jan Nissa Mandani Sicat, as she took her glamorous final walk as Miss Capas 2022.
Last night, with a mix of joy and nostalgia, we witnessed the end of a remarkable journey. Jan Nissa has been more than a beauty queen; she’s been a beacon of hope, a symbol of grace, and an ambassador of our beloved Capas. As she gracefully walked down the stage for the last time, her footsteps echo the profound impact she has made.
We extend our deepest gratitude to Jan Nissa for embodying the true spirit of Capas. Her passion, elegance, and commitment have set a high standard for what it means to be Miss Capas.
As she turned over her crown to Miss Cristo Rey, we are reminded of the cycle of inspiration and empowerment that this title carries. Jan Nissa’s legacy will undoubtedly inspire Miss Capas 2023 and many more to come.
The Capas Local Government and all Capasenos join in wishing Jan Nissa Sicat all the best in her future endeavors. Her journey may be taking a new path, but her story as Miss Capas will always be a cherished chapter in our municipality’s history.
Jan Nissa, thank you for being an exemplary ambassador for Capas! 💙
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