Barangay Manga

History of Barangay Manga

Historically, before barangay Manga acquired its name as it being called nowadays, it was originally called as “Pulo” or isle, on where many huge trees grow and majority of which are mango trees. It was said by means of folklores that the area got its name when a group of foreigners were conducting a census and came across an area with numerous mango trees, that apparently owned by Capitulo family – one of the early settlers in the area together with the Cauguiran’s and Cayabyab’s.

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Barangay Lawy

History of Barangay Lawy

Founded in 1880, when the original town proper was still in its old site at “Balen  Aran” (Old town) by the Cutcut River, Barangay Lawy then, was like any other virgin places-covered with thick forest where wild animals inhabit.

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Barangay Estrada

Earlier known as Barangay Calingcuan in the 19th century, Barangay Estrada acquired its name amidst the World War II in 1945. Residents of the then Barangay Calingcuan evacuated to a much safer place owned by the Estrada’s. They were given afterwards the rights to build their own houses within the area. Since then, the place was called Estrada, hence, Barangay Estrada.

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Barangay Dolores

History of Barangay Dolores

       In 1954, this humble agricultural barangay hailing just a few kilometers from the center of Capas actually got its name after the areas patron saint, Nuestra Señora Dolores.

Having been acclaimed as one of the municipality’s premiere barangay in the agricultural industry, its major population are engaged to farming or estimated at 70 %. Meanwhile, 20% are factory workers, and the other 10% are professional’s consisting chiefly by young professionals.

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