MT. PINATUBO CRATER via Sta. Juliana

After its eruption in 1991, the world famous volcano has become a renowned tourist destination. The adventure begins in the quiet community of Sta. Juliana, Capas, Tarlac, where 4×4 vehicles are readily available for an hour long ride. After which, a hike to the crater presents an opportunity for everyone to enjoy the lahar landscapes along the river and a spectacular view of the volcano’s crater.

Capas National Shrine

A 50-hectare land located in Western Capas, known as the former Capas Prisoners War Concentration Camp, Capas National Shrine is marked by a gigantic obelisk surpassing popular monuments and matching other skyscrapers common to Filipinos and tourists. Thus, this mighty pillar stands with pride to commemorate the heroism of the Filipino veterans during the World War II.

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Capas Death March Monument

Built in an inverted V structure, it depicts the endurance and heroism of valiant soldiers, defenders of freedom and democracy. An emblem stands as a historical marker located three (3) kilometers from the town proper along the highway in Barangay Cutcut I.

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