Barangay Sta. Lucia

History of Barangay Sta. Lucia

In 1900, two Zambal families have left Botolan, Zambales amidst great conflicts with Aetas and came first at O’Donnell. Later on these two families, the Conde’s and the Estrada’s, settled in better farmland to raise come cattle.

As the story goes, just upon the arrival of both families in the area, a baby girl with defective eyes was born to the family of the Conde’s. The family name the baby Lucia and later on called the place where they settled as Santa Lucia, the barangay name up to date.

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Barangay Sta. Juliana

History of Barangay Sta. Juliana

Accounting from the folklore, the name Sta. Juliana was derived from the resident’s miraculous patron Saint, Sta. Juliana.

According to the legend narrated by the elders of Pampanga, a woman named Lourdes mysteriously disappeared. Later on, she was thought to be adopted by a certain Apung Taba in the area now Sta. Juliana.

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Barangay O’Donnell

History of Barangay O’Donnell

For many years, Barangay O’Donnell was known as Patling. No one can precisely tell how it came to bear this name in the early days, there were different versions of etymology.

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Barangay Maruglu

History of Barangay Maruglu

Long before the Spanish occupation took over the country. Aetas from the certain places like Flora, Sapangcawayan, Manabayucan and Cawayan Bugtong – now known collectively as Barangay Maruglo –  go to strips at least once a month to trade goods at the lowlands of Patling. (O’Donnell).

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