To be the pre-eminent provider of pre-hospital care services throughout Capas Municipal. Preserving the public trust through the delivery of compassionate, courteous and professional treatment with active and positive contributor in every community we serve such as the pre- hospital care, emergency services, medical and non-medical. Through training, we will continually prepare our member to provide the best possible service. We will provide adequate information and education for the community to increase awareness of our service and proper prevention of illness and injury.


As a MDRRMC CAPAS Rescue/EMS, we seek to serve every people in need particularly the residence/citizens of Capas by providing a rapid, safe response to medical/non medical emergencies (911) with timely professional care of the sick and injured. We also strenghten the quality of living of our community by promoting wellness and safety. We aim to provide our volunteers with leadership and service opportunities which are character building, self-confidence, which prepare them for future service in their family and community in fulfilling our mission. We corporate values or accountability, integrity, respect and leadership.


MDRRMC Capas Rescue/EMS is working towards the goal of a secure, healthy, wealthy and resilient municipality. It encompasses a holistic vision of the key elements of disaster management, from:

  • Risk assessment
  • Disaster risk reduction : miligation
  • Early warning and emergency alerts to preparedness, response, relief, recovery, search, rescue and rehabilitation.


       Strenghtening the Municipality of Capas resilience to disaster/calamities, miligating loss of life and negative impacts on economics, social, physical, environmental assests caused by natural or human induced disaster and developing the capacity of communities to respond effectively.