Civil Registrar



To serve the people of the Municipality of Capas with utmost sincerity, dedication, honesty, and efficiency, committed with the ideals of a professional and service oriented Civil Registry Office of Capas.


A highly competent Civil Registry Office, with personnel who are able to offer and render quality and best civil registry services to the people.


The Local Civil Registry Office shall keep and preserve in their office the following books, in which it shall, respectively, make the proper entries concerning the civil status of persons:

  1. Birth and Death register.
  2. Marriage register, in which shall be entered not only the marriages solemnized but also divorces and dissolved marriages.
  3. Legitimation, acknowledgment, adoption, change of name and naturalization register.


/(045) 925 – 0154 Local 105 / (045) 925 – 0504 /


  • Mobile Registrations (TBA)
  • Kasalang Bayan (TBA)
  • Free Issuance of LOCAL CERTIFICATES (TBA)


  • Timely registration of birth, marriage, and death certificates.
  • Timely registration of death certificate.
  • Issuance of marriage license.
  • Registration of court orders/decrees.
  • Registration and processing of Legal Instruments under R.A. 9255.
  • Late registration of birth, marriage and death certificates and/or endorsement to PSA offices.
  • Filing of petitions for corrections of clerical error under R.A. 9048 and R.A. 10172.
  • Issuance of municipal forms available, not available/destroyed civil registry records certificates.
  • Batch Request System (PSA Birth, Marriage, & Death Certificate)


  • Delayed registration of Birth, Marriage, and Death Certificate
    • Birth
      • PSA (NSO) – Negative Birth Result
      • Baptismal Certificate
      • Two (2) Valid ID’s
      • Affidavit of Two Disinterested Witnesses                                                                                                                                          (Additional: If parents are not married during time of birth)
      • Affidavit of Delayed Registration of Illegitimate Child
    • Marriage
      • Original Marriage Contract
      • PSA (NSO) – Negative Marriage Result
      • Affidavit of Two Disinterested Witnesses
      • Affidavit of Delayed Registration of Marriage executed by both Spouses
    • Death
      • PSA (NSO) – Negative Death Result
      • Official Receipt from the Funeral Service
      • Affidavit of Two Disinterested Witnesses
      • Barangay Certification
    • Legal Instruments
      • Legitimation
        • PSA Birth Certificate
        • Parents’ Marriage Contract/Certificate
        • Both Parents’ CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage)
        • Affidavit of Legitimation
      • R.A. 9255 (To use the Surname of the Father)
        • PSA Birth Certificate of the Child
        • Affidavit to use the Surname of the Father
        • Father’sVaild IDAdditional supporting documents will be required if:             From the birth certificate of the child, the father is unknown or have not signed the acknowledgement of paternity:
        • Affidavit of Admission of Paternity
        • Child’s Baptismal Certificate indicating the name of the father
        • Father’s Valid ID
      • Supplemental Report
        • PSA Birth, Marriage, & Death Certificate
        • Affidavit of Supplemental Report
    • Marriage License
      • Both parties personal appearance
      • Birth Certificate
      • Cedula
      • 2×2 picture
        For 25 years old and 1 month above: CENOMAR
        For 18 years old to 25 years old: Both Parent’s Signature (Personal Appearance is required at the office)
        For Previously Annulled: PSA Marriage Contract with annotation of Annulment
        For AFP Personnel: Commander’s Permit
        For Foreign Applicants ·         Legal Capacity to Marry from their respective embassy (Manila, Philippines) ·         Passport
        For Divorced: Approved Divorce Paper
        For Widow/Widower Late Spouse’s Death Certificate