Message of the Mayor

One of the important things we have learned from the past is courage: courage to face our adversities; courage to fight for what is right; courage to accept the truth and difficulties; courage to look forward and look back sometimes.

Within one year, I have received so much love, support and warmth coming from all stake holders, friends, supporters, my wife Lenny and my kids Christine, Miguel and Pauline, our family, department heads, from the Sanguniang Bayan, co-public officials and co-public servants.

And lucky I am, I am not able to serve my fellow capaseños and return to my post six years after, I am rather humbled and blessed to be trusted with another set of fruitful years to honor our history and mark the future of our municipality.

I sincerely salute our ancestors for handing us their dream, vision and values. I salute all the heroes and defenders, Filipino and American Soldiers, civilians and capaseños who have fought with the bravery and loyalty during the World War II and in our daily lives.