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Barangay Sto. Rosario

History of  Barangay Sto. Rosario

First known as Sitio Pagbatuan and Sitio Gudya in the 1700’s, barangay Sto. Rosario got its name during the 18th century when a certain Father Juan de Sta. Lucia became the Recollect Missionary of Capas.

According to the story, Father Juan was devoted in praying the Holy Rosary. It was said that whenever he prays the rosary, he puts himself in chains to show his great devotions.

In 1864, a cholera epidemic hit the place making Father Juan as one of the victims. In respect and in memory of the priest, residents of the community continued the sacred practice of Father Juan and called their place as “lugar ng mga taong mahilig magrosaryo” (a palce of people devoted to rasary). This name stuck and up to these days, the place is called Sto. Rosario.

At present, Sto. Rosario is known of its countless poultry produce and commercial buildings that sustain the barangay. It is also talk-of-the-town for foodies for the Capas Waking Street every weekends.

            In 1763, the place is known as Sitio Pagbatuan and Sitio Gudya. Around the 18th century, a Father Juan de Sta. Lucia became the Recollect Missionary of Capas. According to the story that passed on from generation to generation Father Juan was a devoted priest to praying the Holy Rosary. It was said that while he’s praying, he CHAINS himself to show his great devotion to the Holy Rosary. This practice left a influence on the people. In 1864, a Cholera Epidemic hits the placekilling Father Juan and a lot of the early inhabitants, they were buried beside Father Juan in the Old Cemetery, now the site of the Barangay Hall. The people continued the practice of the Holy Rosary and in respect and memory of the late Father called the place“Lugar ng mga taong mahilig mag-rosaryo”. The name stuck, and up to the present. The place is lovingly called “STO. ROSARIO”.

            The first Tenyente Del Barrio was Cornelio C. Baluyut (1930 – 1950), followed by Hon. Irineo T. Castaneda (1950 – 1958), Hon. Luciano B. Celis (1958 – 1960), Hon. Alejandro M. David (1960 – 1965) he was also the President of the Association of Barangay Captains during his time.

            In 1965 to 1968, Hon. Carlos Angeles was the Tenyente Del Barrio, afterwhich Hon. Arcadio P. Dizon followed in 1968 – 1970, Hon. Conrado S. Bonus become the first Barangay Captain, the title of Tenyente Del Barrio was changed to Barangay Captain in 1970 – 1982, Hon. Anastacio P. Diaon (1982 – 1989), Hon. Ernesto C. Ngo (1989 – 1991), Hon. Roberto S. Sibal (1991 – 1992).

            In 1992 the name Barangay Captain was changed to Punong Barangay and Jose V. Figueroa was the Punong Barangay until 2007. He was also the ABC President then. In his term Sto. Rosario was the recipient of three (3) awards namely; Barangay Zero Waste Management Program, Barangay Free from Drug Movement and Lupong Tagapamayapa 1st to 3rd class categoty, from Municipal to Regional Winner in 2003.

            Presently, Hon. Raul C. Rivera holds the position of Punong Barangay since 2007.

Sto. Rosario is just half kilometer from the poblacion. Its residents are engaged primarily in rice and sugarcane farming. Mango and root crops are also produced in the area together with swine farming and poultry raising.


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