Barangay Sta. Rita - Capas Tarlac (1)

Barangay Sta. Rita

History of Barangay Sta. Rita

Sta. Rita is a very young barangay. It was registered as Barrio Sta. Rita, Capas, Tarlac, in 1968 by Lt. S. del Rosario. Before its registration the community was called Talimundoc, because of high levels which serves like hills or “tali-talimundoc  (lot of hilly places). In the early 1950’s the earlier settlers were the two (2) families of Terang Arceo and Anu Vega, both tenants of agricultural lands in this area. Then thirteen (13) families joined them namely; Sisa Tuazon and Atanacio Mungcal.

This barangay was first owned by Don Gonzalo, then it was transferred to Marcelo Rodriguez and lastly to Mr. Guanzon.

During the administration of Mr. Guanzon, the estate was sub-divided and transferred among tenants, this was in 1967.

To built a Roman Catholic Chapel in 1967, the residents agreed to contribute two (2) cavans of palay for two years, thus the first chapel was constructed with Sta. Rita de Cassia as Patron Saint. Later on the barangay was re-named and registered as Barangay Sta. Rita in honor of the Patron Saint and a feast day was celebrated every 22nd day of May .

The first school was started by the late Exequel Mallari who taught a multiple class, grade 1 to 6 in the 1960’s.

Barangay Sta. Rita has its own niche in the history of the country, for this barangay is home to “Ka Dante” a.k.a. Bernabe Buscayno of the famed “huk” movement in the 1960’s. It host an underground university, especially constructed to indoctrinate ideas of a revolutionary government.

            It was in the time of then Pres. Corazon C. Aquino that “Ka Dante” was wooed to return to the fold of the law.

            Today, Barangay Sta. Rita is peaceful and progressing barangay.

Composed of only one sitio, Sta. Rita is located 8.0 kilometers from the poblacion. Its industry is mainly involved in rice farming, planting of sugarcane and mongo. Livestock and poultry are also engaged by the residents.


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