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Barangay Manlapig

History of  Barangay Manlapig

Originally, Barangay Manlapig was a humble sitio in the barangay of Aranguren. In the course of time, the Manlapig’s who were the siito’s early for settlers, felt that residents in that area are always bypassed and taken for granted during the barrio celebration and activities.

It was then in 1950 when authorities permitted the sitio be official separated from Aranguren and categorized it as a sanctioned barangay in Capas. Hence, barangay Manlapig’s origin, came after the family name of its early settlers.

In the same year, Manlapig’s first primary school was constructed under the leadership of the then Kapitan Del Baryo Rodeng L. Yamson on a lot donated by a Mrs. Ines Tanglao. It was named Manlapig Elementary School and it was also that year when a Catholic Church was constructed on a lot donated by the Nuguid family.

Meanwhile, in 1955 and in 1996, the barangay officials purchased a lot from Nuguid and Manaloto families wherein after, they have erected the barangay hall eventually the multi-purpose hall and day care center, respectively.

With its contribution in the agricultural industry of Capas from its vast farmlands tilled for commercial and organic farming, Barangay Manlapig, under the modest leadership of Barangay Captain Teodoro S. Tanglap (also the president of the Capas Association of Barangay Captains), continuously strive to be a self-reliant barangay.s

            Barangay Manlapig then was only a Sitio of Barangay Aranguren. The Manlapig’s were the early settlers of the barangay.  In the course of time the Manlapig’s felt that they have to separate the sitio from the mother barangay, because during celebrations and activities they are left behind. From then on they called the barangay Manlapig. In 1950 Barangay Manlapig became an official barangay.

In the same year, the first primary school was constructed under the leadership of Kapitan del Baryo, Rodeng L. Yamson. The lot where the school was erected was donated by Mrs. Ines Tanglao.

            The first teachers were Mrs. Teresita Quizon, Mrs. Carmen Basco, Mrs. Kabigting and Mrs. Surla. Today the school is known as Manlapig Elementary School.

            Also in the same year Mr. Ciriaco Nuguid and his family donated the lot where the old Catholic Church was constructed.

            In 1955, the Barangay Officials purchase a lot from the Nuguid and Manaloto family and with the help of then Congressman Herminio S. Aquino and the leadership of Barangay Captain Florencio Datu and his Barangay Councilors the barangay hall was constructed.

            In 1996, the lot was titled in the name of the barangay and a multi-purpose hall and day care center was constructed through the financial assistance of then Governor Margarita “Tingting” Cojuangco.

            Today, Barangay Manlapig is striving to be a self-reliant barangay with the leadership of Punong barangay Clarita Macaraeg and the Barangay Council.

Manlapig is 4.5 kilometers from the poblacion. Its agricultural industry is devoted to rice, mongo and eggplant. Poultry is also an activity in the area under contract growing scheme.


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