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Barangay Manga

History of Barangay Manga

Before the barangay got its name, it is used to be called a “pulo” or isle. The “pulo” was planted with huge tress, many of which are Mango trees.

The first inhabitants of the “pulo” are the families of Cajuguirans Capitulo’s and Cayabyab’s.

One day, there were foreigners who conducted a census in the isle, and they reach the huge mango trees, and found the Capitulo family, who owns the mango trees. They took their rest, talk with the family and together they decided to name the isle “Manga” and so this day the name of the barangay is “Manga”.

The first Tenyente del Barrio was the late Raymundo Guevarra (1928). He was instrumental in the establishment of the first school building. The site was donated by the Cajuguiran family. The school made up of “cogon” and “sawali” was named Manga Primary School.

Their first enrollees were twenty five (25) pupils for Grade 1 and eighteen (18) pupils for Grade II. First teachers were Mrs. Adelaida Cajuguiran and Mr. Surla. World War II erupted and the school was closed until the liberation period. Ex-Supervisor Onofre Mercado and wife were the teachers.

In 1947 the Huk Balahap movement forced the people to evacuate and only after five (5) years they were able to return to their homes.

In 1996, the elementary school was fully established and twenty (21) pupils were able to graduate.

The first chapel was built in 1994 through the efforts of Barangay Captain Benjamin Pamintuan , and the Health Center was built during the term of Barangay Captain Joel Mallari, financed by JICA. The Barangay Hall was constructed during the time of the late Mayor Orlando Molina.

Today Barangay Manga is under the leadership of Punong Bayan Antonio C. Pamintuan.

Manga also subsists in agriculture. Its people are engaged in rice farming and in planting of sugarcane and vegetables. Livestock raising is also engaged by the residents, mostly in their backyard. The barangay is 5.0 kms away from the poblacion.

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