Barangay Estrada

Earlier known as Barangay Calingcuan in the 19th century, Barangay Estrada acquired its name amidst the World War II in 1945. Residents of the then  Barangay Calingcuan evacuated to a much safer place owned by the Estrada’s. They were given afterward the rights to build their own houses within the area. Since then, the place was called Estrada, hence, Barangay Estrada.

History continues when the Estrada’s decided to sell the place to the Rodriguez family and planned to demolish the houses within. As situation heightens, residents decided to ask for the aid of Governor Benigno  “ Ninoy” Aquino Jr., who was then the governor of the province of Tarlac. Governor Aquino then decided to just buy the 45-hectare land and redistribute it to the people under certain specifications. 2 and ½ hectares of the land were given to the residents of Barangay Estrada which was subdivided into each family. Half of a hectare was donated for the plaza of the barangay and another half hectare for the construction of the elementary school of Barangay Estrada.

Today, aside from the customary farming, and livestock and poultry raising of the residents, Barangay Dolores is coping with the modernization of time that reflects from the different commercial approaches by local entrepreneurs. Asparagus is now being produced here that contributes well to the revenue of the barangay ra-along with the ample of private subdivisions and swimming pool resorts and other business establishments.

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