Barangay Dolores - Capas Tarlac (1)

Barangay Dolores

History of Barangay Dolores

            In  1954, Dolores got its name before our Patron St. Nuestra Senora Dolores, awarding to the oldest residents of the barangay, The first family resided in this Barangay, Mr. Anselmo Salas, then Figueroa Family Nogoy Family, Manugue Family then Pabustan Family, who until at present their clams are still residing.

            The first Barangay Captain here in the Brgy. Dolores is Brgy. Capt. Artemeo Figueroa, 2nd Brgy. Capt. Marcelino Talavera, 3rd Brgy. Capt. Apolonio Guevarra, 4th Brgy. Capt. Ruben Camaya, 5th Brgy. Juanito Pabustan, 6th Brgy. Capt. Ruben Nacu, 7th Brgy. Capt. Felimon Pabustan Sr., 8th Brgy.  Capt. Benigno N. Pabustan, 9th Brgy. Capt. Noel Guevarra then at present Brgy. Capt. Benigno N. Pabustan.

            Having a resident’s population about more or less 6,000 with 2,496 voters, and it contains of 8 sitios, which is sitio Kural, Sitio Lipat, Sitio Garden, Sitio (4) kwatro or pulo, Sitio Riverside, Sitio Nueve, Sitio Pies and Centro.

            Dolores contains an area of 617,775.7. The Agriculture area 585,307.9 residential 10,619.7 with a total of 595,927.6 has, mostly residents 70% are farmers, 10% professionals and 20% factory workers.

            It contain 1 High School which is Capas, High School with more or less 5,000 students population 1 Elementary School which is Dolores Elementary School with 700 more or less population, Chapels, 1 Church along the Arthur Hi-way, Day Care, Health Center and Brgy. Hall.

            At present Dolores become one of the progressive Barangay of Capas it become the center of commercials along Mc Arthur Hi-way.

Dolores has four sitios whose people are engaged in the growing of rice, corn, sugarcane and vegetables. Poultry raising is also engaged by some businessmen under contract growing scheme. Located just 3 kilometers away from the poblacion, the area has the potential to absorb the spill-over of urbanization between Estrada and the nearby urban barangays of Capas.

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