Roster of Mayors

1900-1903 President Agrifino Atienza
1903-1906 President Mariano Tanglao
1906-1909 President Antonio Vasco (Basco)
1909-1912 President Felix Atienza
1912-1915 President Froilan Lapuz
1915-1918 President Gregorio David
1918-1923 President Vicente Frias
1923-1929 President Felix Atienza
1929-1935 President Basilio Yalung
1935-1938 Mayor Vicente Tizon, Sr.
1938-1941 Mayor Basilio Yalung
1942-1955 Mayor Victor Tizon
1956-1959 Mayor Francisco Nogoy
1960-1963 Mayor Victor Tizon
1964-1967 Mayor Segundo Delos Santos
1968-1971 Mayor Felino Palad
1972-1977 Mayor Gerardo David


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